Driver: MudOS v22.1b22, Mudlib: DarkeLIB 2.0

Live Admins: Cyric, MacTORG, Nevin

Test Admins: Cyric, MacTORG, Nevin

BETA Admins: MacTORG


Map of the World
Player Pictures

DarkeMUD, located at port 5559, is a fantasy / medieval game with many entertaining complexities. It is centered around, and chiefly governed by, the players, rather than the administrators. This opens the door to many interesting player to player interactions as well as a healthy dose of violence.

DarkeMUD is intended for advanced players. Those possessing limited or no mudding experience can expect to die often. DarkeMUD is combat-oriented, and very difficult. Because of the difficulty level, the penalties of death are not very severe.

  Extremely detailed combat system.
  Intricate spell system.
  Over 29 races.
  Vast selection of character classes.
  3200 room world controlled by a dynamic virtual object server.
  INFINITE mortal levels.
  Clan System
  Player-governed law and a real economy.
  DarkeMUD is run on a dedicated Intel P-300 PC with 128 megs ram and a 10 gb HD.

  Hall of Wizards
  The History of the Universe
  Glorfindel's Newbie Handbook a.k.a. the DarkeMUD FAQ.
  The Mortals and Legends of DarkeMUD

Play DarkeMUD! 5559 5559 UDP 5567 Intermud Network UDP port 5567 for intermud network chat access


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